Dabble demo

Avi and Andrew were at LispVan last Thursday and they demoed Dabble. The fine Lisp folks captured the demo for us all to enjoy and drool. Dabble looks absolutely amazing. A few things are mentionned with the Lisp folks, namely the lack of formulas, which should be coming in a future version, but as Avi (or was it Andrew?) noted, most users use formulas in Excel to do counts, sums and averages, and those three operations are already built into Dabble. Another thing I noted was when Andrew was hiding a few columns, he had to do them one by one. However, I guess with the web you don’t have much choice but to settle for a somewhat cheaper interface to gain maximum portability.

I strongly recommend you watch it. I posted the small version, check out this post by Bill Clementson for the large version, as well as for the presentation on AllegroCache (which I’ve yet to watch).

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Last night, I went to see the newest Harry Potter movie with Sebastien, Etienne and another guy, Alexandre. Etienne and Alex had orginally planned to catch the 2PM representation, but the theater was jam-packed, and there were no more tickets. They decided to get tickets for the 10:30PM representation. We left for the Colisée at 8:30, we were there at 9:00. We waited in line for an hour and a half, but that was the right thing to do, even though the representation was quite late, every single seat was serving a butt. Coming in early meant we were able to pick good seats, a little above the center of the theater. A good thing: no kids were present. Only pre-teens and up, so no baby crying.


Of course, we were treated with 10 minutes of publicity, then 20 minutes of movie previews before the actual feature presentation. And at that point, it seems someone in the projection booth decided to piss of the entire audience by projecting a large transparent blue square on the screen. It was quite annoying, and it took them a good 5 minutes to remove it, which ruined the first scene for us, the one were an old guy is killed by Volemort. The blue square was removed afterwards, and we were able to enjoy the movie without further annoyances.

The three actors, Daniel, Emma and Rupert, looked quite older than the first time we saw them, and they were great! Since the book was much longer the previous three, a lot of stuff had to be cut, but the director did a great job taking the essential stuff in and leaving some stuff out. For instance, the quidditch world cup which takes place until page 120 in the book was covered in ten minutes! But you got to see all you needed to see: the port key, the luxury tents, the breath-taking stadium, the death eaters and the mark in the sky. It was very nicely done. No bothering with the purchase of school furniture or hopping aboard the Hogwarts Express.

The Tri-wizard tournament was very interesting. The dragon Harry fights was pretty scary, and the pursuit on the broom was nicely done! The scene, when Harry is in a bath with the golden egg and Mimi Something (what’s her name?) comes over and sort of teases him, was hilarious. The bal was nice too, Hermione looked stunning and Ron looked like a dork. You could really fell in Emma Watson’s interpretation that Hermione was hurt by Ron’s jealousy.

And when Harry and Cedric touched the cup and were transported in the graveyard, wow! I don’t think Ralph Fiennes could ever do a good character, and seeing him as Lord Voldemort only reinforced that belief. He was downright scary: he was so pale, he was almost white, his face looked like that of a snake, his feet and hands had long digits with long, scary-looking nails. I wonder though if it would’ve been better if he’d had a cloak over his head, to make him look more like the grimreaper. I would also have altered his voice: either make it a bit higher with a more snake-like feel, or make it lower with a very faint echo. In any case, he will undoubtly go down in movie history as one of the best evil characters, up there with Darth Vader.

I really enjoyed my night, although I was dead when I came home. I strongly recommend that you see the movie and if you can manage it, read the book too!

Catastrophic Vince

Yesterday at lunch time, I became a bit catastrophic. I don’t know what I did to upset the higher powers, but they made damn sure my lunch break was going to be as painful as possible.

So, I start by check the menu: ham and spaghetti. Spaghetti sounds good, so I decide that’s what I’ll have. First, I grab a desert, a delicious coconut pie with a whipped cream topping. WHOOPSIE, I dropped that plate and made a little whipped cream mess on the dessert presentoir. I got a few napkins, cleaned up and threw away the napkins.

Next, I go get my spaghetti, I go grab my two glasses of water. I pour the first one. I pour the second one and as I come to put it on my dining plate, WHOOPSIE, I spill it in my spaghetti. The cashier was very helpful and witty: “that’s juicy,” she said. Yeah, no shit Sherlock!

Next, I go to my table, I use more napkins to clean up the water. I come to grab my ustensils and WHOOPSIE, I knock them down onto the floor.

I was scared that I would spill tomato sauce all over myself. I wonder what wrong I did to deserve such a lousy lunch hour…

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DB Scheme with Rails

Here’s a question for the Rails, people: how would I create my database tables from Ruby code insteaf of SQL code (or SQL tools)? I think I heard that you could do that with ActiveRecord::Migration or something like that. Is that correct?


A user at work had the most fragmented hard drive I’ve ever seen. I ran defrag and Diskeeper, but the disc was still very badly fragmented. Diskeeper gives you a list of the fragmented files, and one PST file, who was over 700 MB in size, had 5320 fragments! The second most fragmented file had 281. That gives you an idea. However, no matter how many times I ran Diskeeper, the file was still fragmented.

I searched on Google and I found a cute software called Contig which allows you to defragment individual files. I ran it on the PST file in question, and a few minutes later (this took a while because of the heavy fragmentation and the size of the file I guess) the file was all clean. I clicked on “Analyze” in Diskeeper, and the fragmentation level had dropped significantly!

If you need something to defragment your files, this mayb help you. You may also want giving yourself permission on hidden/system folders such as C:\System Volume Information which can be heavily fragmented, but since you have no permission on it, defrag can’t do much about it.


Vous voulez vous creusez les ménignes? Ouverture Facile est un excellent endroit pour se taper la tête sur le bureau avec des problèmes qui sont assez difficiles sur le coup, mais simples en rétrospective. Des heures de plaisir garanties!