Bill Gates on Nintendo

Found this article through Digg:

“Nintendo… You’ve got to give it to them. They march to the beat of a different drummer. Sometimes that makes them incredibly right and sometimes that makes them incredibly wrong. They’re certainly making a very different bet in terms of how much they’re putting into the graphics this time. I do think there is a question as to whether they can get outside the young age bracket at all. That’s been tough for them.”

Bill seems unsure about whether the path Nintendo are following is a good and viable one. Well, excuse me, but when did graphics become more important than gameplay? Nintendo are trying to find things to make games different and enjoyable, Microsoft and Sony are just racing to see who can release the console with the highest graphical quality. I don’t think Nintendo’s bet is unsafe.

Also, what’s this “young age” bracket thing? Nintendo is not a 6-12 year-old company: many people don’t like to admit it, but their games are fantastic. Get a Gamecube with Super Mario Strikers, three good friends, beer and you’ll have a heck of an evening.

To WoW or not to WoW

For a few weeks now, a friend of mine who’s a big fan of World Of Warcraft has been inciting me to buy the game and play online with him. The game looks fun, I always liked the realm of Warcraft, the graphics and sound seem amazing and from what he’s told me, the most important part of the game, the gameplay, is off the scale.

However, World Of Warcraft is a subscription-based service which seems pretty addicting and time consuming. And right now, I don’t have a whole lot of time. Should I still buy the game or try not to get addicted and just let it pass?

The FCC is smoking crack

According to
this article
, the FCC wants all network software and hardware to have backdoors to help law enforcement agencies.

Another, more threatening aspect of the regulation is its mandate that a “back door” be built into all Internet-communications hardware and software to provide access for law enforcement agencies. This same back door could be exploited by hackers to listen in and record these Internet communications, according to Templeton.

They should change “could be exploited” with “will be exploited”.

The guy had it coming

It appears the author of PureFTPd has lost pretty much everything in a hard drive crash:

I used to backup the data from that server every week, on another host. But last week, I needed some space for a specific application. And I temporarely deleted the backup. 2 days later, the disk died. And that host was always backuped for 5 years before. Call it Murphy’s law or voodoo, but it really, really, really sucks.


The death of that hard disk has a lot of implications. I’ve lost almost all my work from the last 5 years. I’ve lost all my unreleased source code. I’ve lost all my documentation. I’ve lost critical private and professionnal mails. I’ve lost ssh keys, passwords, license numbers, etc.

I don’t mean to twist the knife in the wound, but this guy had it coming if you ask me. If you need extra space, don’t delete the backups, delete everything else, and if you still need extra hard drive space, get another hard drive, they’re cheap nowadays; because has he says, Murphy’s law, and evil indian spirits will make you pay if you delete your backup temporarily, especially if it’s critical to you.