Haskell used to develop Linspire?

Thanks to Reddit, I found a story about how Haskell is used in Linspire to make different support tools for the distribution. Does this sound believable to anyone, or does it look like a late, late April’s Fool joke? If it is true, I would love to read more about the choice of Haskell, why it was prefered to the other alternatives, what lessons they learned, etc.

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2 thoughts on “Haskell used to develop Linspire?

  1. Yes, I can tell you this is true. Many of our OS team rave about Haskell. Just because Linspire is a consumer, easy-to-use version of Linux, doesn’t mean we don’t want the best, most sophisticated programming tools to help us deliver that. We get more done in less time with Haskell for certain jobs.

    Many will be able to see some of our Haskell work with the Freespire project, being released in August. (wwww.freespire.org)

    Kevin Carmony
    President & CEO, Linspire, Inc.

  2. Thank you Kevin, that’s very interesting. As a programming language enthusiast, I hope to read more about the role of Haskell in the development of your OS.

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