Celebs of Reddit

One reason I prefer Reddit to Digg is because it seems people know each other better in the comment sections, especially in the section I hang out the most in, the programming section. More than that, some known developers hang there and shoot the breeze with the rest of us. Here’s an incomplete list of those developers:

What other celebrities hang on reddit?

Contributed by others:

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28 thoughts on “Celebs of Reddit

  1. Who qualifies as a celebrity by the way? I’m sure a lot of programming.reddit.com users are involved in open source projects.

    Here’s another one (IMO) from the Python world:

    cfbolz: Carl Friedrich Bolz (developer of Pypy)

  2. none of these people should be referred as a “celebrity” by any stretch of the imagination and they themselves would probably agree


  3. mjd = Mark Jason Dominus, author of several well known and widely used Perl modules, including Text::Template, Memoize, and Tie::File.

    spolsky = Joel Spolsky, founder of Fog Creek Software and author of a popular programming blog (even has his own subreddit: http://joel.reddit.com/ )

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  6. I am also interested in using the reddit as it is more informative, more exciting and more fun to use. Also, the line up of developers are pretty impressive as they are those that belongs to the top caliber of their fields.

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